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Applying Common Sense to College Applications

Gold Tassel Service

Acuity tailors its support to fit each student.

Initial Consultation

This is a confidential, one-hour question and answer session for parents and students to learn more about our programs.  During this session, we can gain a sense of a student’s goals for college and can offer recommendations on which of our services would provide the most benefit.

  • We view this session as an opportunity for parents to provide insights to their student, and to share any relevant information that may have an impact on a student’s needs during the admissions process.

Student Assessment

Before we begin to work together, we feel it is important to learn more about a student so we can establish manageable goals and timelines. Our Initial Assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of a student’s current academic tract, extracurriculars, community involvement, and areas of personal interest outside of school.
  • Suggestions on how to enhance a student’s profile through volunteer activities, part-time work, academics, summer enrichment programs, and opportunities to demonstrate leadership.
  • Creation of a timeline for admissions-related activities including testing dates, college visits, and application deadlines.

When our Initial Assessment is concluded, we will provide parents and students with a written report. This will be presented to the parents/student at a follow up meeting where any additional questions can be asked and answered. 

Application Readiness for College (ARC) Program

ARC is a multi-year program designed for rising high school freshman and sophomores that plan to attend college.  It creates a purposeful, personalized strategy that prepares them to meet the expectations schools have for prospective applicants.

Through ARC, a student realizes that each semester is a building block for a solid college application. Instead of four years of random course selections taken to meet basic requirements, ARC helps students to view high school as a contiguous opportunity to showcase their strengths and interests. By fall of their senior year, ARC students can approach the college admissions application process with confidence, not stress or surprise.

ARC includes:

  • a detailed examination of the curriculum and programs offered by the student’s high school;
  • a multi-year strategic plan that targets selective coursework, extracurricular activities, external enrichment, volunteer service, and leadership development opportunities that will support and highlight a student’s emerging profile;
  • instruction on writing specifically for college essays and personal statements;
  • thoughtful development of a list of potential colleges and universities that would provide a good fit for a student; and a
  • a course in financial literacy that provides insight and understanding on the true cost of attending college, the financial aid process, student loans, and merit-aid scholarships.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are available for students in grades 9-12.

Remote Services

Acuity offers remote services via Zoom for initial consultations, student assessments, college selections, and application and essay assistance.